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From corporate communication and effective management to

public speaking with charisma and the art of thinking under pressure

Creating and delivering leadership training programs in Spain since 2009

We work directly with an exclusive network of international high-performance coaches and national providers to create a unique blend of structured learning and fully interactive offsite programs.

experienced partners

We have worked with C-level executives, managers, scientists and team leaders and are proud to still play an active part in shaping the cultures and values of some of the biggest national and international companies.

measurable results 

It is important for us to fully understand the objective of the training. This requires us to speak with all the stakeholders and hence create trainings that will deliver measurable results and ROI´s.




Many of our international clients decide to combine their corporate training with a 2-3 day trip to Spain. This allows us to organise a fully bespoke program including hotels, activities and gala dinners.

We have worked with many companies including HPE, Nike, Kantar Health, Merk, IESE and Caixa Bank.

Do you want to know more about our leadership & training programs? Let's get in touch!

Thank you! We will contact you in two shakes of a lamb's tale!

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