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This full day has been designed for teams that want to get out of the city, smell the fresh air and have some fun competing with each other.



We take you on a course that is partly on-road and partly off-road so that you can test these buggies in different conditions. Your team will be led from the park by our expert instructors depending on the skill level of the team you will be able to choose for routes varying in difficulty. Each route takes you through dirt roads and forestland as well as some mountainous hills of the region.



Join us on our specially adapted “battlefield” complete with fallen helicopters, medical trucks, numerous hideouts and amazing sound effects. This will be the scene of the attack. You will plan strategies with your team as you carry out various raids whilst defending you own territories. This game works using laser technology and hence does not require protective clothing.



Enjoy a network of zip lines, nets and trees and you move amongst the tree tops of the this perfectly adapted natural park in the heart of the Costa Brava. With zip lines of up to 90 metres long this activity is bound to get the adrenaline pumping. Depending on your skill level you will be invited to try different routes.


To finish off your adrenaline filled day we invite you to relax and eat a carefully prepared hearty meal to share with your team colleagues.


This experience can be organised for small for groups of up to 20 people up to a larger group of 200 people. 

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