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2016 – #PuttingItAllTogether

LifestyleDMC has been running since 2003. We have lived through 2 major economic crisis (and countless internal crisis), and have served over 30,000 visitors to Spain.

We are proud to have provided unique “wow” experiences to: companies visiting for incentive and teambuilding trips, couples visiting for a romantic break, friends looking for an adrenaline filled holiday and families looking for some well deserved downtime.

Today in 2016 are undergoing our largest internal study to investigate the market trends and customer habits over the last 13 years. We are already seeing some very interesting facts from the client profiles over the years, to the change in the way our customers find us. We are also conducting and in depth analysis of our partners and the feedback that clients give after enjoying an experience or event with us. Why are we doing this? Because we want to create a new standard of experience and service based on exactly what you tell us you need and desire. In 2016 we are “putting it all together”.

We would like to invite you to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and our blog as we share our findings and new updates for 2016.

It is an exciting time to be involved in the events and travel industry, there are so many new opportunities presenting themselves everyday. Our commitment to you is to always be at the forefront of these developments and to dedicate ourselves to offering you the best experiences at all times from the moment you speak to one of our agents to the moment you leave the city. We want you to have a warm smile of satisfaction on your face.. because we put it there.

For 2016 we present the key members of our team. Meet:

Anna Julia Marques – Senior Event Planner Anna has an amazing attention to detail and will make sure that every element of your event is covered – nothing escapes her.

JoJo Daviet – Event Planner Has recently joined our team and is excited to engage with you. Her dedication and commitment to want to offer more than you expect is what has made her a natural fit for our team.

Mat Fillon – Senior Event Planner Mat is a “go getter” and driven by the desire to always deliver the best service at all times. No event is impossible for Mat, the more complex the better. We are always amazed at how Mat can create memorable, wow events, with a seemingly effortless grace and always a BIG Smile.

Raquel Consul – Director Raquel is one of the co-founders of the company and runs the events delivery department. It is her openness, professionalism and desire to always offer a top class service that forms the backbone of everything we do.

Sylvia Molina – Groups and Hospitality Manager If you call our office today, Sylvia is one of the smiling voices you may hear. Her lively personality and meticulous dedication makes her just the right person to handle your fun trip to Barcelona. She is always looking for new things to in and around Barcelona and many of them are part of our product portfolio today.

Iciar Algorri – Groups and Hospitality Agent You cannot fail to feel happy when you engage with Iciar, her positive energy, charming personality and curious mind makes her such a fun person to deal with. It’s no surprise that many of Iciar customers send us such great feedback about their experience.

Isabel Pereira – Marketing Manager “Putting it all together” is Isabel, she is the bubbly person behind all of our facebook posts, tweets, instagram photos, newsletters, and blog posts. Isabel is always coming up with new fun ideas on how to make your experience with us fun and memorable.

Tony Anagor – Director Tony is the one that sets the vision for the company and spends a lot of time speaking with clients, partners, associations and industry specialists. He has an amazing ability to build instant rapports which stems from the fact that he genuinely cares about all of our customers. Tony has demands much from himself and those around him and with his hands on approach he is able to set the standards of excellence that have made Lifestyle one of the most successful DMC and Experiences Companies in the city.

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