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A story from one of our staff…The GoCar experience!

Last weekend I had the chance to experience another Lifestyle activity: the GoCar! At first I wasn´t that excited about this particular way of transportation, but I wanted to see more of Barcelona so I took a friend with me and gave it a try.

To pick a car up, we had to go to a GoCar shop, which should be in front of Santa Catarina market. Arriving there, we didn´t see any sign of the shop. When we started walking around we finally found it in an alley very close to the market, but not very easy to find!

Before we could hit the road, we were shown a safety and instruction video. After that we were all ready to see Barcelona in a way we never saw it before! We got a map of Barcelona with the different tours we could choose, but since the car has GPS, you didn´t need the map for directions. As soon as we started driving, the car started to talk and told us which way to go. As for the different tours, you can choose which one you want to take when you already are on your way. The car tells you which way to go for different sights. Since Barcelona´s traffic can be crowded and noisy, you sometimes have to listen and watch very careful to get the route right. We didn´t focus enough the whole time, so we had to turn a few times to get back on the tour.

We passed the Arc de Triomph, Parc de Ciutadella, Sagrada Familia and Parc Guëll, just to name a few of Barcelona´s many highlights! During the tour, you can stop to take photo´s or have a bite to eat, because you can easily park it along the streets on the motorcycle parking’s, so it´s also free, another great thing about the GoCar! Your belongings you can leave in the luggage compartment in the back which you can close, so your belongings will be safe and there is room for possible shopping bags…

During the tour the GoCar also tells you some nice details and funny things about Barcelona and gives you information of the attractions you pass.

Moving on, we decided to take another tour, towards Tibidabo Mountain. We were afraid that the GoCar wouldn´t make it to the top but, lucky for me, we made it so I didn´t have to push! After that it was time to head back home. We had to use the map a bit to get on the right track, but soon the GoCar knew we wanted to get back and told us how to get there the easiest.

My conclusion of this afternoon is that a GoCar is very easy to use and a great way to explore the city! It has a lot of advantages. The car speaks 6 different languages and if you already know Barcelona and it´s highlights you can turn off the GPS and blaze your own trail! So if you have a free day and you want to see some more of Barcelona (and you´re not afraid to stand out) this is a perfect way to dot it! GoCars also provides cars for groups so it´s an ideal activity for corporate events as well.

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