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Activity Centered Employee Engagement

We believe that employee engagement is about each employee’s connection and commitment to your organization. According to 2014 Gallup study, engaged or motivated employees impact your bottom line in 7 key areas, such as:

• 37% lower absenteeism • 25% lower turnover • 48% fewer safety incidents • 22% higher productivity • 25% lower turnover • 48% fewer safety incidents • 22% higher productivity.

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To make sure employees are performing at their peak, an organization can work on the following:

  1. Ensure that employees know the corporate mission, vision and goals. How each employees work contributes to the success of the company;

  2. Fostering and nurturing a positive relationship between employees;

  3. Make sure employees have a chance to use their individual skills and abilities in their daily working environment;

  4. Create excellent relations throughout the management structure between employees and their supervisors.

Does your organization have challenges with employee absenteeism, low productivity, a lack of innovation,or a high staff turnover? Maybe low employee morale is also a major contributing factor to reductions in your bottom line?

So what can you do to turn things around, so that your employees are happy and enthusiastic about going to work for you and your organization? Very often an HR Manager/Department is solely focused on the control and procedural functions of HR, when their can also be a focus on leadership and strategy.We believe that a company’s ability to maximize its human resources will come out on top as the overriding factor for future success.

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Corporate Team Building / Team Bonding Activities

Team building activities are often a lot of fun, but do they really work and once your team is back in the office after the activity, are there any noticeable beneficial changes? To realize and appreciate any benefits from such events, they must firstly and primarily be choreographed around the specific challenges your team is facing and adapted to draw positive results through active participation by each delegate in every activity/event. Here are some previous and sometimes typical examples where team-building activities that promote employee engagement can be of most benefit.

• Your team has beenworking long hours for the last few months to deliver certain projects within tight deadlines. Having delivered successfully but with stress levels running high and communications possibly stretched to the fullest maybe they need a break. Why not a team-building exercise focused on having a little fun. Where positive communication is promoted and a reward sentiment can be given to nurture the corporate culture value of each individual team member.

• Key groups in your business process are having difficulties in communicating and maybe relations have been strained for a considerable period of time due to different perceived cultures or stereotypes. Is it because of a lack of trust? Is it affecting productivity or even staff retention? Find out how a hands on non work related workshop, with a focus on creating activities with a level playing field foster better communicationbetween your key players, and how they can better communicate with you!

• You have a new team with immense amounts of gusto and drive to deliver a new project, but they have little team spirit due to a lack of experience working together. Or you have just recruited new staff, and you want to make sure they get off on the right foot! Lifestyle can propose a variety of solutions for your staff to get to know each other, particularly their communication styles and their values. This is a great way to create trust and confidence amongst team players while developing a working environment that will guarantee results for your organization!

Whatever your challenges, Lifestyle will create a team-building activity, tailored to your specific needs and team members!

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