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Aint no mountain high enough! – The “Via Ferrata” experience.

Lifestyle DMC offers you the ultimate hiking and climbing adventure! You will experience the force of nature while you tackle the challenging mountains of Montserrat. This adventurous activity is a perfect getaway for small and larger groups.

Montserrat is a mountain chain near Barcelona. The silhouette of the massif calls to mind the toothed blade of a saw, and this explains its name, Montserrat means “serrated or saw-toothed mountain”. The extraordinary yet  wonderful rock formations of the holy mountain of Montserrat seem to have inspired Antoni Gaudí as he developed his own distinct sculptural style.

During our “Via Ferrata” experience, an expert guide will give you a short safety briefing before you hit the rocky road. Following the rugged natural mountain paths, you will ascend into the spectacular natural beauty of the mountains of Montserrat and enjoy stunning views. You will move off of the beaten track where you will tackle challenging man-made obstacles, as you clamber up vertical rock faces using only built-in iron supports. This experience will leave you utterly exhausted but completely fulfilled and utterly rewarding once you tackled all the mountains!

For the true “Dare Devils” among us: If this experience does not sound adventurous enough for you or you simply want to release some more pressure then you might want to include a bridge jump!? For more info about this tailor made package just click here.

– Rocinta

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