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An afternoon at the Picasso Museum

Long sand beaches, dazzling Mediterranean sunshine, and succulent local cuisine… Yes, there are many reasons as to why many people come to Barcelona! But the capital of the Spanish region of Catalonia is also well known for the many artistic movements it hosted throughout the years. Great artists such as Antoni Gaudi, Diego Velasquez, Salvador Dali and of course, Pablo Picasso have forever left their marks in The City of Marvels.

Inaugurated in 1963 to the initiative of the municipality, this very intimate museum initially only exhibited artworks Pablo Picasso had himself bestowed to the city of Barcelona. Since then, the collection has largely increased, thanks to successive contributions by both Picasso and through private individuals’ legacy.

The Picasso Museum, located in the heart of el Barri Gotico, in a notable medieval mansion, contains a large collection of Pablo Picasso’s early work. Divided into various periods of the artist’s career, the museum features more than 3600 artwork pieces, among which paintings, drawings, sketches, self-portraits, ceramics… When entering each room, a short yet complete text, displayed on the wall, retraces the leitmotif of the room. It is important to keep in mind that the collections exhibited, chronologically arranged, are centered over the formative years of the painter; and in particular over his period from 1895 to 1904 when Picasso was living in Barcelona.

As you go along, you will be able to notice that it is already possible to identify signs of the artistic movements Pablo Picasso is known for. You will for instance, be delighted to see pieces of his blue period as well as his first attends at the cubism movement. Among some of the pieces on display, you will be able to admire the Ménines series –a series of pieces related to the famous Velasquez painting-, the front cover of the menu of Els 4 Gats designed by Picasso himself, as well as paintings of Barcelona as it used to be a hundred years ago.

And if you wish to see more Picasso pieces, there are a few temporary exhibits running at all times that, for an additional cost, will surely satisfy your artistic appetite.

Picasso Museum of Barcelona Montcada 15-23 08003 Barcelona Tel: (+34) 93 256 30 00

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