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An alternative option to corporate accommodation in Barcelona

Rural Houses Barcelona

This summer we have seen a huge surge in requests for full offsite programs including non-hotel accommodation, catering and activities. I don’t know whether it is the sharp rise in hotel prices (the introduction of the tourist tax did not go unnoticed in Spain) of if it is the desire get out of Barcelona and to explore the exquisite Catalan countryside, but there is a welcome trend from our corporate clients to look at options outside the city. I say welcome trend because for many years we have been singing the virtues of exploring this option. Catalunya has some mouth watering options when it comes to Villas, Country Houses and Mansions for corporate events. Each dwelling has its own almanac of historical authenticity steeped in centuries of tradition and culture. Locked within the walls of these venues are stories and experiences that one would never find in a guide book. Imagine holding an event in a house that is over 800 years old!!

There are several benefits of using these types of “Masias” or “Casas Rurales” but here are my top 4:


You have total exclusivity of the venue and therefore can take creative advantage of all of the areas including pools, terraces, wine cellars, workstations and even dungeons in some cases.

Notion of Space

Many people who live in the country do so for the one reason of space, when you hire a country house you can benefit from the non congested environment and pristine views of the countryside. If your meeting needs inspiration then nature is the greatest inspiration


If you are looking to save costs on accommodation then this is surely a great alternative the last 8 proposals we have created came in up to 30% cheaper than hotel options in the city. 3 nights 25 pax 5000€

Outdoor Activities at hand

Choose from a range of outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, canyoning, para gliding, wine tasting, mountain biking, quadiking and even segways. All of these options can be woven into your event to make the perfect combination of fun and learning. Check with us for options

For more information on the best options for corporate events outside Barcelona contact us on + 34 93 270 2048

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