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Barcelona Banana Boat Experience

This is an activity designed for groups of up to 9 people. If you want to have some great fun on the sea then why not try our banana boat experience. You will be taken out of the Barcelona port and driven in a high powered Sun Seeker Hawk private speedboat out into the open seas of the Mediterranean.

Once out in the open, you will receive a safety briefing form your expert captain, and provided with life jackets and helmets. In teams of 3, you will each get a chance to climb onto the banana boats and test your skills against the speed of the boat and the power of the waves. See who can hold on for the longest before the inevitable fall into the water happens!

This experience comes complete with cava, soft drinks, beers and snacks for your enjoyment. You will also have chance to just chill and take in the sun rays on deck.

As part of our ongoing research for new products and services to offer you, The Lifestyle Team spent last Friday afternoon “product testing” this activity. It has all of the elements of a group activity for friends and colleagues, if you love the water and want to get your adrenaline racing, then this is the activity for you!

For more information on this activity contact us on

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