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Barcelona Design Week

The Barcelona Design Week is an event in Barcelona focusing on the business of design and innovation, and it is aimed at the professionals of the design industry. This annual get-together of design minded people gives them a chance to share ideas and see how their competitors are doing. The BDW started in 2006 and some topics that have been discussed are design management, co-creation and co-design, design and social innovation and mobile design.

This year the Design Week will take place from 17 to 21 October and the slogan for it will be “Design 2020”. Barcelona surely is not the only city that wants to become an international design capital, but it is a nice head start to have a design week that enjoys a high quality of speakers and participants. Companies such as Nokia, Vodafone, Microsoft, Oblong and Smart Design attending the congress should give everyone an idea of how important the BDW has become.

The week will see a congress, workshops and various exhibitions and a guest country day, this year the guest being Austria.

The events take place in different venues, which are the following:

CCCB Centre de Cultura Contemporànea de Barcelona MediaTIC Palau Robert Roca Barcelona Gallery See the official website for more more information.

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