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Barcelona Mosaic Workshop

The perfect team building activity for groups from 4 up 600 people. Tap into your creative side with the unique spirit of Barcelona. This week saw us provide one of the most creative teambuilding workshops that we have to offer. It relies on creativity, chaos and a lot of fun!! Our logistical challenge was to provide the workshop for 2 groups of 150 people on rotation and each workshop was to last 1.30mins exactly. The event was confirmed very late and left us with only 4 days to prepare everything. The final challenge we faced was that there were 36 different languages being spoken and 60% did not speak English!! Get the picture?

Chaos and Creativity

After consulting with our client we knew that the one of the best activities would be one that required a lot of team work and communication but where little or no speaking was necessary. This is why it was decided that The Barcelona Mosaic workshop would be ideal. Second only to having a good brief, working with good trusting partners that we know can deliver is what makes events like this a delight to run! Set in the gardens of the famous Rey Juan Carlos Hotel we worked feverishly to lay the stations for each team before they arrived from their coffee breaks. The venue was perfect and the atmosphere lent itself to some very artistic expression.

The Barcelona Mosaic workshop is a fun, activity and can be performed inside or outside as part of a conference or as a stand alone teambuilding activitiy. For more information contact us on

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