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Barcelona Tapas tour

Last week we decided to finish our working week with one of our most popular activities of 2012 The Barcelona Tapas Tour. Now of course there are many Tapas Tours in Barcelona and we have tried many different brands of tour each with their unique blend of history, walking, biking, drinking in couples, group interaction etc.

This tour was our favourite! From the beginning our tour guide had a big challenge because our team hail from several nations including from here in Catalunya, the UK, US, Holland, Romania and Estonia, he had to make sure that the information flow was entertaining and informative for everyone.. 10 out 10 in that area.

His next challenge was to steer us away from the typical tourists traps complete with over priced tapas and garish typically non-local merchandise, once again 10 out of 10.

The tour began in front of the famous Boqueria Market and after a brief explanation of this iconic landmark and its history, our guide led us across Las Ramblas to Placa Real, where in his words “the tour begins here”

We were struck by the sheer knowledge and enthusiasm our guide showed for the city. We marveled at the unique juxtaposition of the expression between the Romanesque and Gothic eras. Of the 15th century. The tour involved two welcome stops at some popular local tapas bars where the service was fantastic and the food was oh so very tasty!

The experience lasted 3 hours but we could have gone on for much longer. Our guide was a treat to be with and very attentive to every member of the team.

If you are looking for an activity in Barcelona with a guide that has you enthralled and laughing at the same time, try our Barcelona Tapas Tour, its ideal for groups and corporate activities in Barcelona.

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