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Barcelona – The European Capital of Corporate Events

For corporate events, which other city in Europe tops Barcelona? This fantastic urban destination is right next to both the sea and mountains for an endless selection of activities. It has a solid infrastructure so you’ll hardly ever find yourself stuck, features an endless selection of places to stay thanks to being an international tourist hotspot, and was even awarded the title of most innovative city in Europe. So it was really no surprise when Barcelona topped the poll for best event planners’ destination. How do you want to improve your business then? Incentive travel? Team-building? Training? Whatever it is, you can rest assured that Barcelona is your city.

Who chooses Barcelona?

Past clients with Lifestyle DMC

Past clients of Lifestyle DMC

A great way to get to know the quality of a city for team business trips and events is to take a look at its regulars. Is it attracting the big names? Barcelona certainly is. At Lifestyle DMC we’ve been working to deliver corporate events for years and over that time we have met the needs of a countless amount of companies, including some of the top 5 most valuable brands in the world. We’ve seen and served corporations that expect only the best, like Coca-Cola, Sony, PepsiCo, and even Google, all who have came to the city, enjoyed it, and left enriched because of the experience.

Thanks to the huge number of fairs and congresses over the past 15 years, the reach of Barcelona has expanded on this side of the millennium, with companies even as far as China looking to the Catalan capital for inspiration. Huawei are already coming back for the second year in a row, and we’ll be there to make sure it’s an exceptional one.

What can you do in Barcelona?

The more appropriate question would probably be what can’t you do? Thanks to the benefits of being such a versatile city, coupled with our over 13 years of building firm relationships within the hospitality, events, entertainment, tourism industries and beyond; the only thing you need to do is ask. Whether you want a simple tour, an exciting boat party, or an entire team of actors to host and put on a show for you and your colleagues; it can be done. It can be a few hours, days, or weeks – everything is tailor-made to suit your needs from the moment you land at the airport right back to when you take off again. Of course you can go for the classic activities like go-karting, paint-balling, and wine-tasting, but remember – you’re in Barcelona now.

Here are some ideas that take team-building and incentive travel one step further.

Take advantage of the Mediterranean with sea-based activities

Sea-based Corporate Events in Barcelona

Sea-based corporate events in Barcelona

Sailing races, boat parties, fun on the beach, and team-based marine challenges by the Mediterranean. These are just some of the things that you can do in this coastal city. The seaside is an exciting place that any group of people can enjoy, and for a spot of team-building there is no better task than overcoming nature’s waves, as a squad.

Unforgettable one-of-a-kind events

One-of-a-kind corporate events in Barcelona

One-of-a-kind corporate events

Want to do something totally unexpected? Maybe organise a full-scale James Bond Flash Mob to surprise a particular worker or an entire group? Perhaps pit the brains of your group together and figure out who the murderer is at a Murder Mystery Theme Night in a Catalan country-house? Or combine a good-time with working together, discovering the city and producing something you can all have a massive laugh about afterwards in the Barcelona Pop Stars Music Video event. You can even reward someone by having them fly with FC Barcelona as they head to one their games.

Make the city yours

BCN Corporate events a la Carte

Corporate events A La Carte – Made specially how you need them.

Barcelona is a colourful and vibrant city, so there’s no need to settle for hosting an event in just one part. You can turn the city centre into one massive ground for a treasure hunt, take large-scale bike tours, or compete in an tailor-made orienteering style photo rally.

But what if you have your own ideas for an experience? After all, no-one knows your team better than you! That’s simple, because as a DMC, we have made it our job to offer Barcelona A La Carte for the clients that need everything customised in order to make corporate events run like clockwork. You tell us all that you need; the incentives, team-building activities, tours, accommodation, conferences, transport… We make it happen, even at short notice.

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