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Barcelona through the eyes of a local

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What is your favourite place in the city?

I cannot choose just one place, for me Barcelona is a few cities in one city. Gracia, Raval, Eixample, Gotico they are just too different so it makes it very hard for me to choose. He smiles and asks me ¨but that is not an answer to your question right?¨ I laugh and ask him the question again. This time the answer is ¨Eixample¨ I like it because of the modernist architecture. It consists of a right side and a left side and is divided by Passeig the Gracia. The right side is more residential and the left side is full of nice bars and restaurants but both are definitely worth a visit!

What is your favourite restaurant in Barcelona?

¨My favourite restaurant depends on my mood but lately I spend a lot of time in a place called BARDOT.¨ It is called after the French former actress Brigitte Bardot. The setting is nice, the decoration is amazing and they serve very good wine. They have a traditional Catalan cuisine but a bit more sophisticated. My favourite plate is patatas bravas with octopus it is a very cool dish.

Which activity would you recommend?

Barcelona walking tour

Which parts in town are far underestimated?

This is definitely the Eixample area and especially the right side. This part consists of the best modern architecture examples. All you have to do is walk the area and look up to the facades. It is amazing to see that how in the beginning of the 20th century they were already paying so much attention to detail.

What are for you as a local the absolute do´s and don´ts in the city?

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I am coming to Barcelona for business and I have little time, what would be your highlight tour around the city? Visit Sagrada Familia and walk around Passeig the Gracia. Next wander around the Rambla and from their make your way to the beach to have lunch in Barceloneta. After lunch go up to Montjuic to have a great view over the city and end your day with a nice dinner at Calle Enric Granades.

Thank you Joan for your tips! Let´s hope they can help visitors to experience Barcelona from another side and make some memorable experiences.

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