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Barcelona Treasure Hunt: Teams lie at the heart of corporate success. Profitability depends on team

Whether these are management teams, sales teams or the team in the office, you will find effective teams in the most profitable organisations. But these teams don’t just function well internally, they connect with each other – I have seen many companies in which people from different departments hardly speak to each other! And when they do, it is usually through the managers. So how can you ensure that your workforce is contented, connected and devoted to the company?

A LifestyleDMC treasure hunt is the perfect way to promote communication and teamwork. Taking advantage of the unique history and culture of Barcelona, we can create an event that will ensure your team work together in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

If you plan to reinforce the team spirit, reward your employees or simply want to have a fun day outside the office …whatever the reason might be, this team building activity is a guaranteed boost for the team!

Explore the Gothic area of the city in a unique & fun way, contact us and sign up for this activity, email us at for all your questions.

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