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BCN World business and leisure center in Tarragona


It is designed as a meeting point between East and West and between America and Asia. BCN World wants to be seen as the new communication node for tourists and international companies. The project is situated 45 minutes away from Barcelona in Tarragona (Costa Daurada.) It is very well located; at only 7 km distance you find an international airport and the connections with the high-speed rail link are very good.


Some serious chances for companies all over the world are created by implementing this project. The investment is over a €4,500 million and by creating 40.000 jobs this project will boost the Spanish economy. To develop BCN World, it needs 850 hectares that will build 1.5 million square meters.

BCN World is very attractive for companies as well as for tourists. It is very suitable to do business since it is complemented with meeting areas, conventions and conferences zones where companies may develop their activities. Furthermore there are 3 golf pitches that are ideal for networking.

So called Smart cities are developed which represent the culture of China, Russia, Brazil, India and the Middle East. In this way tourists can get the best from all countries and make themselves familiar with other cultures. Visitors can choose from over 12.000 rooms that are distributed in 6 hotels. Moreover there is the possibility to visit casinos, games rooms and of course Port Aventura.


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