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Beach and Dinner

Let’s take a brief look at a good choice if you are in the mood for a nice dinner on or near the beach and you are not the biggest enemy of seafood. However, before you aim your taste buds towards Barceloneta, read a bit further and let your stomach decide.

The Lifestyle crew had an opportunity to visit the restaurant Xup Xup in Barceloneta, located right next to the beach. The dinner was a great fish menu which was accompanied by many different kinds of cava. Before the meal you could pick slices of ham and other tapas to work up your appetite. The atmosphere was cozy, and it didn’t hurt that there was a musician playing soothing tunes to go with the deliciousness. Also, the type of the served cava kept changing everytime the food changed; different cava for fish, different one for desert. This was interesting, especially for a person who is not the biggest wine tasting expert.

The location of the restaurant is great and the terrace in particular is very nice, it is literally on the sand of the beach. What could be a better way to relax than to sit on a terrace of a restaurant on a beach and enjoy some superb seafood with a drink? Add enjoying the sea breeze to that and the mix starts to be quite unbeatable. Now that the winter is coming you might want to know that it is not compulsory to sit on the beach, but there is also an inside area with huge windows so you can enjoy the beach without being on the beach.

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