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Benefits of using a local DMC in Barcelona

As the events, meetings and incentive market in Spain becomes more and more homogenous, the role of a DMC is often overlooked.  Nowadays, it seems that one may well be excused for confusing a hotel concierge with a DMC. Many DMC´s in Barcelona work very hard to maintain a high level of service to their clients. We are often like the pilot of long haul passenger plane, for the duration of the journey you may hear but never see us, if you hit turbulence along the way, thank goodness there is someone at the controls who knows what to do and is ready to handle things smoothly and calmly.

There are several benefits of using a DMC in Barcelona:

Local Knowledge

This is an assumed standard but it is important to ensure that your DMC is continually updating their knowledge bank. Barcelona has changed immensely in the last 10 years and even more so since the event of global near meltdown in 2009.  As a city and destination Barcelona has been quick to adapt to the market. We have engaged in site and product inspections with over 20 new potential partners in the last month alone. This is important to do as some partners may no longer exist or may have changed their offering.

Awareness of local Capabilities and Expectations

A truly successful event involves a partnership between the end client or agent, the local DMC and the event partners. I think the adage “the customer is always right” works in many cases but in our industry the best events represent a rich alloy of the clients desires blended with the professional skills, knowledge and tenacity of a good DMC.

It is often not just advisable but imperative that an event should always take into consideration the local customs, expectations and traditions of the region which they intend to use. Most companies who choose Barcelona do so because they want to taste some of the local flavours and customs, for this to be observed there must be a good relationship between the local partners and the DMC.

“…Our aim for clients coming to Barcelona is to the event a real flavour of the destination, rather than a simple ‘tourist’ hotel experience, not only through the correct choice of activities and venues but through a choice of special souvenirs which allow our guests to have a truly local experience…” Martina Steffens Senior Project Manager

Multiple Invoicing

Events vary in complexity and structure but typically there are several partners offering services including the following:

ü  Lighting and staging contractors

ü  Actors and props

ü  Venues

ü  Hotels

ü  Caterers

ü  Transportation

ü  Local councils (taxes)

ü  Material production

ü  Hostesses

ü  Electrical equipment

ü  Communication equipment

ü  Speakers

ü  Workshop facilitators

With a good DMC, you will never need to worry about contracting each contractor individually or checking out their health & safety certificates as everything will be covered by the DMC. When you have transportation arranged, you don’t need to worry whether the coach is fully air conditioned or worry whether passengers will have to cross a busy road in order to alight this will all be covered and communicated by your DMC. This means you can focus on promoting your event and what needs to be communicated to your guests.

Budget Conscious

A good DMC is extremely budget conscious and will negotiate extremely well on your behalf. Barcelona is a city that respects close relationships that can only be built up over time. If your DMC has long lasting relationships with existing partners, the likelihood is that the prices will better than if you were to go directly. Transparency is also a key factor, most good DMC in Barcelona will be quite transparent about their pricing structures and will either charge an upfront management fee, or they will add a commission onto the price of the event.


There is some debate about whether to work with local DMC´s who only employ natives or residents of the city who may have origins in other countries. We have hired both locals and international professionals and I don’t believe a claim to either camp should be a parameter for qualification. A good knowledge and love for the city is crucial, but a passion for industry is an unquestionable pre requisite for any personnel in the DMC incentive events industry. All events industry specialist should have knowledge outside just the normal scope of what they learn in a day to day function. This wider knowledge builds an integral pride and passion for our profession which is transmitted through every face to face meeting, email communication and event that the DMC is involved with.

“When I see a smile on the face of my clients or they send me a glowing feedback referral, then I know why I love doing my job” Marie-Louise Albrecht Groups Manager

LifestyleDMC is an events agency specialist based in Barcelona, since 2003 they have cultivated exciting and long lasting relationships with local partners and colleagues offering some of the most unique, well thought out incentive events in the city. They specialise in combining their in depth knowledge of the city with their passion for people to create memorable indoor and outdoor events.

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