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Change is not coming, its already here!

Yesterday saw the culmination of 3 months of planning for the HPE Sales Summit 2019. The 2-day summit, held in Barcelona began with a kick off Keynote Speech from Dr Kjell Nodstrom entitled “The Landscape is Changing”

We have a large network of top internationally recognised speakers and for this event we whittled the potential candidates to one! It just HAD to be Kjell, and here is why; Dr Nodstrom is a Swedish economist with a brilliant mind who articulates his complex concepts in a very easy to understand conversational style.

Author of best seller Funky Business, he mesmerised the audience of the HPE 100 business execs with a mix of facts, trend reports and personal anecdotes that not only enabled them to connect the dots but also provoke new angles of thought.

“..anything that can be articulated can and will be copied then digitised” Kjell Nodstrom

From the phenomenon of Uber to the demise of ToysRus or the temporary monopoly of Ikea to the rise in “restaurant kitchens” The audience were given insights into the tools used by some of the smaller companies to take on the larger established companies.

The night prior to his talk, we organised a private dinner with Kjell and here we exchanged our personal views on everything from block chain to politics and religion to critical thinking. The conversation was lively and inspirational, it reminded me of the 17th Century Salon Conversations where the wackiest ideas were debated and discussed amongst a select few to inspire and exchange knowledge.

After such a great start to the summit, the scene was set for a content packed 2 days of presentations, workshops and teambuilding activities. The aim for the 2 days was to empower the regional team of HPE with the tools to succeed in a world where the rate of new information being introduced daily has far outstripped our capacity to assimilate it effectively.

With the help of new data analysis and an understanding of how to use “social selling” as a useful tool, expertly delivered by Hans Bunes, the project delivered on its objectives.

As a personal takeaway, it is always a privilege to be part of company investing in the well being and knowledge base of their teams, I am a firm believer in empowering teams to create new ideas and strategies to succeed in the ever changing markets. It was a pleasure to organise the conference and I look forward to seeing some measurable differences in the next 2 quarters.

If you are looking at empowering your team to succeed in a fast changing environment contact us to learn more about our bespoke programs.

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