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City events, beach adventures, or country escapes? …Why not all?

Last week, the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) released their annual figures on the current composition of the tourism industry emanating from the UK, which found that, not only were the two most popular types of trips city breaks and beach holidays, but also that both of these types of escapes have increased in popularity compared to previous years. This is great news for destinations that have either of these characteristics, but Barcelona is one of those rare destinations that have both.

To top it off, FRONTUR have shown that Spain in particular, has benefited from a record amount of almost 25 million visitors over the summer for 2015. While a majority of these come from the UK, an interesting statistic is that a large increase has been seen in visitors from the American and Asian continents.

Country escapes

Helicopter Vineyard Experience

One of our clients arriving to a Catalan countryside vineyard via helicopter

For companies looking to travel on business, it makes perfect sense for their choice of destination to be a city, because while trips to the countryside can make for great team building experiences, having a city as your base means you can take advantage of all an urban trip has to offer while still having the option to head out into the country if needed.

Beach adventures

Corporate event beach fun!

Corporate event beach fun!

As a business destination, the Catalan capital is one of the top cities in Europe for corporate travel, with hundreds of conference centres, hotels, events, and venues to choose from. On top of that fact, it boasts 9 fantastic beaches. If you’re sending employees here on an incentive trip, you can be certain it will be enjoyed to the full amount possible. Here at LifestyleDMC, we have 100’s of connections around the city, and we’re fully aware of the attraction of the city’s beaches offer, that’s why we can organise an endless choice of events for workers to enjoy the city coastline.

City events

A team event conference as it happened with Lifestyle DMC

A team event conference as it happened with Lifestyle DMC

And once the fun by the seaside is over? It’s the state-of-the-art and modern equipped hotels of the city that ensure you have all the technology, space, and luxuries you’d expect from a city business trip. Fast fibre-optic connections, some of the biggest industry congresses in the world, and flawless city infrastructure is enough to make one realise that when it comes to organising corporate travel, Barcelona is as good as it gets. What’s more is that compared to other popular corporate destinations like London, Paris, Milan, and Munich; hotel prices in Barcelona come out cheaper at on average €95 per night.

More stats from ABTA and FRONTUR on why Barcelona is a good idea.

Cultural tours in Barcelona

Cultural tours in Barcelona for team building or rewards

If you’re thinking about using a holiday as a bonus to an employer who has earned it, then consider that the largest fans of city breaks fit the demographics of 25-34 year olds, 55-64 year olds, and families. These groups like to take advantage of the cultural offerings urban locations have, such as the museums and architecture. Beach holidays made up more than 60% of family trips in 2015. Whoever it is you’re rewarding or incentivising at your business, the broad characteristics of Barcelona on top of its proven track record should certainly make it one of your first choices.

So where does it go from here? Well, according to the same organisations, next year city breaks and beach destinations are set to top the list of holiday choices once again. Something to look out for is an increase in cruises, but as you’d expect, that’s just another reason to visit Barcelona… Which won the World Travel Award for World’s Leading Cruise Port in 2015. Whatever you’re looking for in a destination; you’re bound to find it here.

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