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Come join us at ibtm world

ibtm world, which takes place over 3 days in the Fira de Barcelona from 17th – 19th November, is the biggest meetings, incentives, conferences, and events congress in the world. Like any great congress, it provides those of us inside the industry with a fantastic annual opportunity to network, learn, expand, and of course sell or buy events, meetings, and incentives through exhibits and the hosted buyer programme.

We at Lifestyle DMC will be attending, so we hope to see you there too.

Preferred access to suppliers

IBTM hosted buyer lounge

ibtm hosted buyer lounge

One of the main features that sets ibtm apart from other meetings, incentives, congress, and events congresses across the globe is its Hosted Buyers Programme. This scheme allows interested buyers to get direct arranged access to MICE suppliers of their choice on a high-profile and face-to-face basis according to a desired schedule. All in addition to complementary 4 and 5-star accommodation, lunches, and transfers.

Events, events, events

An event at one of the stands at ibtm

An event at one of the stands at ibtm

It’s not just the hosts of the congress that are putting on events, in fact there will be events hosted by some of the thousands of exhibitors all throughout the venue. What better way to get to know a new supplier than to experience their product live at the congress? If you’re an events supplier that will be exhibiting, then meeting and networking with you is one of the primary things that we here at Lifestyle DMC are looking forward to doing.

One of the networking events at ibtm

One of the networking events at ibtm

If we don’t get to meet you directly at the stands though, let’s not forget about the various networking events, like the welcome reception, networking hour, and nightclub entry to Opium Mar for attendees carrying the ibtm badge. The great thing about these particular networking events is that they are not limited or privileged, so the open-access nature of it all maximises the amount of connections and contacts you can build up.

There is also a more esteemed networking event by invitation only, in which CEOs, presidents, and key figures are selected to attend. If you’re interested, you’ll need to contact Joanne Rago.

Knowledge is power

ibtm Keynote speeches

Speeches and lessons from key players in the industry

The most notable figures with decades of experience across the industry will be presenting keynotes including Lisa Thompson, the director of American Express Meetings and Events UK; Richard Waddington, from Event Marketing Association UK; and a number of speakers from The Red Line project like René Blom; in addition to many more. Themes for keynotes include making connections, how we can apply inspiring principles used outside the industry of events and meetings, experience from those who organise the biggest events in the world, non-traditional and innovative approaches to events, utilising the power of design, productivity, and the latest trends and research to keep you up to date.

The knowledge section of ibtm world plays such a prime part of the event that it’s worth attending unto itself… And it’s all 100% free.

The shining examples

ibtm Innovation Zone

ibtm Innovation Zone – A space of inspiration and networking

Finally there will also be the opportunity to see the highlights of the MICE industry. The tech and innovation watch award ceremony will shine the spotlight on one of ten shortlisted companies within the sector for brilliant ideas that pave the way for the industry to progress. Awards will also be given out for the stands themselves, so expect exhibitors to have some eye-catching stalls, which adds a more-than-welcome spin of fun to the event.

An entire section dedicated to innovation will return to the congress this year, in an interactive area that will showcase products, allow attendees to meet and connect with pioneering thinkers and talent, or simply help garner a bit of inspiration.

ibtm world is certainly one of those times of the year that those of us in meetings, incentives, conferences, and events look forward to each year. The fact that it takes place in our home town of Barcelona is something that makes us proud. If you’re thinking of attending yourself – whether it’s as an individual or a group of hundreds – we’d be more than happy to arrange your entire stay throughout the event on your behalf, tailor-made to suit your requirements. Simply give us a call or send us an email with what you expect, and we’ll use our years of experience and vast network of suppliers to make it happen.

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