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Cooking, eating and teambuilding!

Last night I was privileged to attend a corporate activity. It was a group of 29 people from a Belgian company who were about to create their own Paella. The activity took place in a beautiful venue just in the centre of Barcelona.

Arriving there early, I met the owners and staff of the activity, who were so kind to show me around and explained to me how everything works. They already prepared all the necessary ingredients and nicely set up everything for the client’s arrival. Here´s a brief explanation of the activity for you; there were three work stations, the group would randomly be divided in three smaller groups. At every work station there were different things, small dishes, to be prepared. After preparing the food at one work station, the group switched to another station, until they prepared food at every station. At every station there was a chef present, who explained how to prepare everything and help the participants to make the food extra tasty. Nice detail for the participants, they were allowed to eat everything they cooked!

It showed that everybody really was enjoying themselves!

After having eaten all the smaller dishes and the Paella, there was a lovely desert waiting for them, especially made by the chefs. Since this is Catalunya, you can guess what it was, Crema Catalana!

This kind of activity is great for teambuilding. The participants have to work closely together to get the best results, what is perfect for team bonding and team performance! Also for a group of friends or family this can be a great night out with a lot of fun!

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