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Crazy Games Barcelona – Our most fun packed corporate activity yet!!!

We often get asked by our clients for an activity in Barcelona that is new, unique and fully interactive for groups of all sizes and most of all fun, fun, fun … well We are pleased to announce the craziest, most interactive and physically funny corporate activity to hit Barcelona!!

Crazy Games Barcelona launched earlier this year but is already taking our city by storm!!!

This tournament can be organised for groups from 20 up to 400 people and is the perfect all inclusive team building event. The games are based on the popular BBC UK series “It’s a Knockout” and the French program “Jeux Sant Frontiers” in teams of 8 – 12 you will have to complete an obstacle course consisting of 6 stations. Each station will test your skills of balance, speed, endurance and sense of humour, from 3 metre high inflatable slopes covered in water and soap suds to trying to walk across a slide wearing a garish costume and over sized boots, the object of the tournament is to accumulate points for the team by winning as many challenges as you can. Points are awarded for achieving 1st 2nd and 3rd place. As you go around the stations there are some other surprises that come in the way of bonus points and challenges, the event is made even more enjoyable by the quick witted, humorous commentary of our lively hosts and fun music to create that high energy atmosphere.

This activity has been thrilling people all over the world and now it’s your chance to come to Barcelona do something totally different from  the usual teambuilding event.

To learn more about how we can organise your own private Crazy Games Barcelona tournament contact us at

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