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Create your personal Cava

Last week the Lifestyle team had the opportunity to try out a new activity, Create your personal Cava. Since this unique activity was located outside of Barcelona, in Avinyonet del Penedès, we went there by train. Arriving at the station, the provider was waiting for us to take us to the masía (which has parts that date from the 10th century!) by car. During this ride we enjoyed the beautiful surroundings of the Penedés wine region.

Arriving at the vineyard, we first got some information about the company and the region. After that, there was a little cava tasting. We tried three different cava’s from which we had to choose the one we liked the best. This was going to be the cava which we were going to personalize.

When we drank enough cava, we were shown a little movie about the production process of the cava in the Penedés region. This was very interesting and educational but we were more interested in getting started with the personalization of our own cava. The personalization started with opening a bottle of cava to remove the yeast.

After that, we had to seal the wine bottles traditionally with a cork. Next, the bottles got ´washed´, very fascinating to see! When that was done the bottles were ready for decoration.

All hungry and exhausted from the hard work we did, it was time to eat! An option for this activity is to bring your own food, so you can have a great barbeque at the masía, and that is what we did.

After the barbeque it was time to go home again. A bit tired but very satisfied, we were brought back to the station where we took the train to Barcelona, looking back on an afternoon of a lot fun!

For more information about this activity, check our website.

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