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Down to the roots of Barcelona at the History Museum of the City

Whether you have already visited the city or are planning to come, you might know that like other big cities, Barcelona is double-sided: in the ancient center -Barri Gotic and Ribeira-, you will be bewildered yet charmed by the maze of narrow streets inherited from the Middle Ages; while in the new part of the city –Barri Eixample-, you will be stunned by the large rectilinear arteries and numerous chic boutiques.

It is in the old part of the city that you will be able to see remains of the Roman Barcelona, back then known as Augusta Barcino. Underneath the actual Plaça del Rei, archeological remains such as wall paintings, documents, mosaics, engravings and other ancient structures have been excavated.

Inaugurated in 1943, the Barcelona City Museum, gives you the opportunity to travel back in time and find out how the city looked like between the 1st Century BC to the 7th AD. It will only take you a one-floor ride to visit the streets of Roman Barcelona about 2000 years ago, just 5 meters below ground! During your journey back in time, you will be able to stroll around a wine-making facility, which includes vats for fermentation, transfer ducts, a press and a cellar; a dye works and salting amenities.

The Barcelona City Museum also features Roman sculptures, artifacts and documents of the medieval guilds of Barcino. And on the upper floor of the museum, in a Visigoth necropolis, exhibitions of Catalan life and customs from the sixteenth century to today will complete your Barcelonan journey through time.

May your ‘things to do in Barcelona’ list be crammed with sights and local restaurants, your Catalonian immersion wouldn’t be complete without a visit of the Barcelona City Museum.

Barcelona City Museum Plaça Del Rei, s/n 08002 Barcelona Tel: +34 93 256 21 00

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