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Engaging for success

Over the last 10 years we have worked tirelessly to ensure that we are continually offering the most authentic experiences and activities that Barcelona has to offer. We also make it our business to continually research the latest and least know venues and restaurants in the city, from opulent 5 star GL hotels to family run wineries steeped in centuries of history.

We can only do this be making sure that we are always researching new products and meeting with our partners to hear about their new ideas and ventures. Every week we ensure that we dedicate time to getting out of the office and visiting our excellent partners.

Last week we visited two of our partners in Barcelona  We enjoyed a three hour in depth bike tour of the city plus 2 stop offs for tapas along the way. Then on Friday we enjoyed an exclusive Banana Boat Experience complete with Cava and snacks.

The Barcelona Bike Tour is a very popular way of seeing the city and there are a plenty of companies to choose from, some are very good with the tours others have very comfortable bikes, some work better with smaller groups and others still specialize in larger group tours. We have researched all of the providers in Barcelona and we are pleased to say that our partners always offer the highest standard of tour services combined with exemplary customer service.

For more information about our Barcelona bike tour visit here

The Barcelona Banana Boat Experience was a lot of fun and the perfect way to end a long hard week in the balmy sun of the Barcelona coast. The team finished work a little early (only 30 mins) so that we could make it to the Port Forum in time to catch the crimson sunset against the backdrop of Barcelona. The motor boat (Sea Hawk 34). Took us up the mediterranean coast towars Mataro where we stopped and anchored for a swim and session on the Banana Boats. This whole session came complete with snacks, ice cold beers and cava.

I have enjoyed many fun activities on the sea in Barcelona, this I must say is one of my favourites.

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