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Enjoy your Easter weekend in Barcelona!

Easter in Barcelona is coming! With only a few days left until Good Friday. If you are visiting Barcelona this weekend, you probably want to know what´s going on.

Here are some helpful facts and tips!

If you are in the mood for a cultural Easter you can check out two processions in the center of Barcelona on Good Friday (April 6), “la Hermandad de la Macarena y la de Jesús del Gran Poder” and the “Nuestra Señora de las Angustias”. Good Friday, ´Viernes Santo´ in Spanish, is the day that the crucifixion and death of Jesus is commemorated.  The first parade will be in the Raval area, at the church “La Iglesia de Sant Agustí” in Plaça Sant Agustí, which starts at 17.00 hours. The other traditional Easter procession is at the “Iglesia de Sant Jaume ” on Carrer de Ferran in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. This one starts at 19.00.

Three days after Good Friday, the resurrection of Jesus is celebrated. In Catalonia, on Easter Monday, the Día de la Mona is celebrated. On this day you can eat Mona de Pascua: fresh cakes decorated with chocolate and chocolate eggs. The intention is that the godparents bring the Mona as a gift to their godchildren. This gift is given only to a certain age, for example until the child is 12 years old (age of the Communion). During Easter, chocolate and Easter eggs are central. In many ‘pastelerías’ you will find Easter eggs and other figures made of chocolate, included Mona´s, so take one and enjoy!

Good Friday and Easter Monday are national holidays in Spain. Therefore, a lot of the locals in Barcelona use this long weekend to escape to the country. But don´t think it will be nice and quiet in the city because the load of tourists will make up for this loss!

Since Easter is a national holiday, a lot of shops will be closed, especially on Friday the 6th, Sunday the 8th and Monday the 9th of April. If you do want to shop, shopping center Maremagnum (near Port Vell) is open every day! Luckily, a lot of restaurants will be open. Because a lot of families use Easter as an excuse to eat outside, it might be a good idea to reserve your table! For opening hours of the main attractions of Barcelona for Easter, it´s best if you check their official websites for the most accurate information.

Another thing you can do during Easter in Barcelona is visit the amusement park located on Tibidabo Mountain. Especially with kids this is a very good choice. By the way, you will have the best view over Barcelona!

Public transport during Easter will not be a problem. The metro´s and buses will operate normally, only the frequency will be a bit lower.

And last but not least, the weather in Barcelona is (almost) always lovely! So enjoy and have great weekend in Barcelona!

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