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Escape the hustle and bustle of Barcelona, It’s relax time!

Barcelona is a very energetic and active city and often it can be such a bustling city, but that doesn’t mean you can kick back and relax during your stay. All that sightseeing and discovering this amazing city sure is hard work, so why not escape the hustle and bustle of the Catalan capital for a few hours and put your feet up?

Spa time!

After a long day wondering around the city and its backstreets, your mind and body will truly appreciate some pampering and relax time in a nice spa.  The Hammam is a centuries-old religious and spiritual cleansing bath said to originate in Turkey and the Middle East, you can have a full entry experience, which gives access to the steam rooms and pool or if you want to enjoy a VIP Hammam experience, we will arrange for all of the facilities to be reserved for you and your Friends.

Massages of all kind:

Chakra Hot Stone Massage: Experience a revolutionary new massage technique with Chakra (lava) Hot Stone Massage and be overcome delicately with quiet calmness. This revolutionary new massage technique harnesses the power of geothermal therapy promoting communication and understanding in the body using the energetic power of the stones.

Chocolate Massage: Disappear into a world of total indulgence and pleasure as your body is immersed in one of nature’s most sumptuous treats! Let your body take a walk in paradise as you are bathed in a wonderfully delicious mix of chocolate and almond oil.

Royal Thai Massage: Kick back and relax as you enjoy this magical, legendary 60-minute massage, which is based on working your pressure points and carrying out stretching exercises in order to release locked up energy.

Balinese Massage: There are five rooms dedicated to performing therapies representing the five elements: wood, stone, water, fire and iron. You will enjoy a relaxing 60 minute massage consisting of gentle pressure being applied throughout your body coupled with a little light stretching to help dissolve tension in your deeper muscles, whilst assisting with your blood flow.

Wine Therapy: This original concept represents spa cosmetic expertise combined with the best of Catalan oenology. During this treatment you will sample a delicious wine, while you are receiving a soothing footbath, then a grape body scrub followed by a muscle relaxing massage with grape-seed oil.

The flotarium is known to give you that peace of mind, move closer to mind and body synergy as you undergo the feeling of floating.

The specially designed tanks are filled with 600 litres of water warmed to body temperature and 300g of Epsom salts. The mixture of water and salts creates a medium so dense that on entry into the tank, you will lose all sense of gravity and experience weightlessness as you float. The whole experience is designed to give you a feeling of total ‘silence’ from all of your senses. With 90% of the external stimuli to the brain eliminated, you will experience a deep sense of physical, nervous and mental relaxation.

It’s important to take time for yourself and engage in activities that allow your body and mind to relax.

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