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Events with Creativity

Personal Development sits at the heart of our learning workshops at LifestyleDMC. This year more than any other year we have noticed that our incentive event requests for Barcelona have been characterised by a need to display a measurable Return On Investment. I sometimes wonder if this is a term banded around as an ideal rather than a tangible objective. Of course ROI can be subjective depending on who is investing and what they are investing. Some people see their “time investment” as much more valuable that a monetary investment, as one of my clients said to me, “We can always make more money, but we cannot make more time” So, is the objective to give you a return on your time or your money?

I think this question sits at the heart of a good incentive program. When you add the fact that the “multiple stakeholder” decision making pool for an incentive event has grown, we begin to understand the complexity of creating an event that really offers a measureable ROI.

But it is not all doom and gloom, it is still possible to offer fantastic programs with the optimum balance of learning, fun and growth as was recently displayed in a Communication Skills Program that we collaborated on with one of the world´s top business schools this summer.

LifestyleDMC were proud to collaborate with IESE on their Executive MBA program providing a series of interactive learning based workshops designed to provide a platform of communication skill development for 162 national and international business leaders. The program was a five day intensive course in which the candidates were moved outside their comfort zones with a mixture of offsite activities and in class interactions.

Choosing the right company to work with on your incentive program is often the toughest part of the event, if the procurement process has been successful you will find that the creation and execution of the ideas is a rewarding learning process in itself. Over the last 10 years I have worked with some great partners on many great events in Barcelona and two names that I stand behind and enjoy working with when it comes to creating quality content for personal development programs in Spain are, serial international entrepreneur and  Communication Expert, Professor Conor Neill and the highly engaging Professional Public Speaker and author of the top selling Communication book The Seven minute Star,  Florian Mueck

There is a definite change in the way incentive and teambuilding events are being created in Barcelona the positive wind of creative freshness continues to ignite the imaginations of some of the top event companies focused on delivering a measureable return on investment.

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