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FCB Director Didac Lee meets with our Partners from Huawei

Didac Lee, (Director FC Barcelona) Huawei Delegates, Raquel Consul (Director LifestyleDMC)

Didac Lee, (Director FC Barcelona) Huawei Delegates, Raquel Consul (Director LifestyleDMC)

The 2015 Mobile World Congress has been the busiest on record for Barcelona with almost 100,000 people descending on the city this week.  Today is the last day of the congress, and many people have chosen to stay for a few days and enjoy the wonderful weather and sample the many delights of Catalunya.  We decided to arrange a very special experience to celebrate our 2nd year working with MWC partners Huawei.

 Huawei in Barcelona

Huawei is the largest telecommunications equipment maker in the world and one of the biggest players in the hi-tech industry today. They are also one of the main sponsors of the Mobile World Congress  in Barcelona.

Raquel Consul and Tony Anagor (founders of LifestyleDMC) organised a private meeting with Barcelona´s finest Entrepreneur and Director of FC Barcelona, Didac Lee. Didac has been voted one of the most influential entrepreneurs in Spain over the last 40 years and continues to use his vast experience to innovate and create value to the 15 different companies he has set up.

Didac Lee - Super Entrepreneur, Director at FCB

Didac Lee – Super Entrepreneur, Director at FCB

Didac Lee 

Didac is responsible for the technology at FC Barcelona. If you are wondering how the club has managed to attract over 40 million likes on Facebook and over 14 million followers on Twitter, Didac is the reason.  The club, under the directorship of Didac, is one of the best known sports clubs in the world through social media channels.

Today, in between meetings at the Mobile World Congress and holding interviews with the national press, we organised for Didac to meet our colleagues at the club and present them with their signed FC Barcelona T-shirts. It was an afternoon of lively exchange between our colleagues from Huawei and the FC Barcelona Director.High on the agenda was the importance of the conference to the mobile industry and the huge part that Huawei continues to play in this field. We also had time to relax and offer them a VIP Private Tour of the stadium, taking in the history of the club and gaining an insight into what goes on behind the scenes of this sporting behemoth.

“Today was a very special day,“ said Tony Anagor, CEO LifestyleDMC, “Didac is a very, good friend of mine and I know how busy he is. I was very proud to introduce our partners from Huawei to him, and we look forward to organising some amazing once in a lifetime experiences through our collaboration in the future”

The MWC has another 2 years to run in Barcelona before the event is put up for tender. With its amazing infrastructure, great international links and temperate climate, Barcelona is perfectly placed to host the congress for many more years to come.

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