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Good Vibrations Barcelona Spreads the Joy of Life from Barcelona to the World


Our next Barcelona Personality is Peter Sharp, the creator of Good Vibrations Barcelona which is a group of positive, fun and loving people. Their mission is to spread happiness from Barcelona to the world. Free hugs, flash mobs, moving street parties and cookies for smiles are just few of the experiments they do.

How did you come up with the idea to start Good Vibrations Barcelona?

I have been organizing parties and bringing my friends together since I was 13. When I came here I was looking for a way to be all that I could be in my everyday life. I noticed a large amount of restrictive energy in the society – people losing jobs, economy going down. Negativity generally keeps people for having the motivation to make positive changes. So, my team came out with the concept of sharing positivity and energy to make changes.

How do people react to your events?

It depends on the experiment, some of them are more interactive, and some make people think. All of them are positive and aim to bring hope and build trust. We did “I trust you. Do you trust me?” experiment and the responses were great! It didn´t cost anyone anything but it was so touching.

Good Vibrations try to interact with Catalan people as much as possible. The team has locals and all of their signs are translated. However Peter doesn´t hear a lot from Catalans. “I´m international guy living in quit a national state. Our goal is to show that behind the flags, languages etc there is the humanistic core. We all love happiness, love, respect, trust


Yes, I would say so. I was never good at school; my mind was in other places and my own projects. Not all of us are designed for educational system but we can express ourselves in other ways. I was lucky to have supportive parents. I understood that even if I´m not good at ABC, I can still contribute to the society. Now, I link people together and make them feel better.

How do you stay positive?

It is hard to define the source but I think my childhood developed the concept. I never experienced the war, never felt afraid outside my house. I was very lucky.

Peter and his team inspire people to go after their dreams and enjoy life. I was interested to know from where he gets his own inspiration. “It´s like asking an artist from where he gets his inspiration. I don´t actually know how it happens. I have great social support from the Good Vibrations group and it gives me confidence and motivates me. I get to be creative because of them and with them. I have always been a crazy guy but if people would say I can´t be different, I have to get a job etc, I wouldn´t be sure about the whole thing.”

Why did you choose Barcelona?

I didn´t know where to go, I didn´t do any research on Wikipedia. I just came here, met the locals and studied the city. I came on El Dia de Sant Joan (Midsummer Day) and saw the real colors of Barcelona. It was crazy and I loved it.  In Australia, we don´t have fireworks because we may hurt ourselves.  We don´t drink on the streets because we may get drunk. It is a good system but we are not allowed to do so many things.

Peter seems so positive and relaxed all the time. How does he deal with stress and pressure?

I do feel stress sometimes but I believe that if I´m stressing, I´m not creating. I don´t allow my mind to think that I should be doing something else, I stay focused. Writing, making movies and doing new things helps me. And again, my bubble, my team, keeps me going. We don´t get any money from that but it´s not important. The most important thing is to give to other people.


Moving to Netherlands was a big change for me. I was living with international people, learning cultures, exploring the world. We all wanted the same and the energy was amazing!

Who are your top 3 people?

Oh I have so many inspirations! I love to learn and for me, people are the information. They give me wisdom, knowledge and help me to navigate my life. I even call them my angels because they want to help me.

Both of my parents are incredible sources of inspiration. One example – I used to play in clubs in Australia and was getting quite big. I wanted to send my mixcd to a famous club in Perth but my mum asked why didn´t try to send it to Ibiza, as well. She blew me away! For her the distance is only as big as your thoughts are. She has crazy vibe and is super positive. Dad is more practical. He would be responsible for building the bridge from Australia to Ibiza.

What do you like the most about Barcelona?

Well, the weather is classic answer. Barcelona is very mobile city and it is a great fountain of inspiration. Big cities attract lots of international people who want to try things. I love that.

Good Vibrations Barcelona aim to spread happiness, hope and trust.  The team tries to connect with people and share their positive energy. Does Peter think that the world is lacking happiness?

I don´t think happiness describes what we try to do, it is much more. We try to liberate human spirit and happiness is just one element of it. We give people inspiration to go after their dreams, to openly express their love. I think we all have the ability to feel happiness but we are lacking the platforms to find it. It is like buying a car to find happiness. Of course, you may feel happy for a moment but it is not the deep feeling.

Are you a happy person?

Yes. I can confidently say that I’m living a great life. I do so many things that many don´t get to experience. Simply living in another city, waking up and being able to move and see is a privilege. On top of that I have education, loving family and amazing friends. I´m traveling around and experiencing new things. The list just goes on.

What drives me nuts is how the companies are mastering their marketing skills and make us feel that we are not good enough. They say we are not beautiful enough; we are not respected enough. We feel incomplete and it is such a wrong feeling. It freezes the society and we spend time thinking how to become better.


What are you planning next?

I will definitely continue to spread positive energy and influence with Good Vibrations. It is fantastic and very satisfying feeling. Next I want to go back to the basics such as finding love, building trust, interacting with community. I think we forgot how to be a human. We listen to the noises and wrong messages and don´t know what is real anymore. So, I will go to India in a few months. I will travel around and interview people about what they think it is to be a human, what they value. I think people in developing countries are much closer to the real truth of life. I plan to create a short documentary, write a lot and come back with lots of information to share.

If you could have a t-shirt made with the phrase on it, what would it say?

“We are good enough”. It is unfortunate how we think we are not good enough and it stops us from doing things. It is not true, we ARE good enough!!!

I want to thank Peter for sharing his great energy and positive attitude with us. Good luck with everything you do! I think I will get that t-shirt 🙂

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