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Group Tai Chi for Teambuilding

Tai Chi is one of the most popular forms of Martial Arts in the world today, it is practised by over 250 million people worldwide.

It´s appeal is rooted in the fact that as well as offering some pretty tasty self defence techniques, it also has some far reaching health benefits. Stress relief, increased flexibility, improved concentration and alleviation of joint pains caused by wear and tear are just some of the conditions that regular Tai Chi can help with.

Barcelona is  a city synonymous with health and vitality so it is common to see locals and visitors engaging in pursuits such as jogging, pilates, yoga and of course Tai Chi. Now you too can enjoy the benefits of doing Tai- Chi in the early morning or in the evening (the best times to enjoy the exercise).

We have created a special package for beginners to learn the basics in a 1 hour workshop for groups and individuals in the heart of Barcelona. There a several schools in Barcelona and they all share the same philosophy of promoting inner peace, well being and prosperity. We work with some of the top proponents of the sport to bring you a pieces of clam a serentity right here in our wonderful city.

It is perfect for companies who want to start or finish a meeting in a relaxed state of mind. If you would like to know how we can use this ancient art to work with your team Contact us at

We can also organise private lessons for individuals who want to learn some of the principles in more depth.

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