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Happy 10th Year Anniversary

Dear Friends,

This year we celebrate our 10th anniversary of offering amazing experiences and creating fabulous events in Barcelona. It has been a fun packed first 10 years in which we have seen the industry change and morph according to the times. Imagine, social media did not exist when we began (are we that old?). We could not have imagined a platform which allowed us to interact with our clients in the way we do now. Today without a blog, facebook account or twitter feed how could you survive in the events incentive industry? Some of the changes we have seen have been great for the industry while so others have certainly presented their challenges.

Barcelona continues to be a top attraction for tourism and incentive travel with record numbers flocking to the city in 2012. The question we have on our minds today is how do we stay “attractive”? Do we network with our competitors to share knowledge and best practises to create offerings that make Barcelona more attractive than other cities?  Do we keep our cards close to our chest and create ubiquitous clandestine agreements with agencies and suppliers that fall apart under the pressure of exclusivity?

Signs indicate that more and more companies are collaborating rather than competing. Of course competition is not a bad thing at all, but in the meetings and events industry our clients rightly demand more creativity and innovation from us.I believe this can be achieved very successfully by collaborating with carefully vetted partners. We recently organised an international 3 day Exhibition and Conference for Adventure Sports and Theme Park Professionals, the actual conference was held in 5 different languages. The event was very technical and required some skilled translation services, thanks to our collaboration with another top event supplier in Spain we were able to offer a simultaneous 5 language translation services throughout the whole event.

I think the next 10 years are going to be characterised by an increasing need for specialised and creative services. Gone are the days when it was ok to do a bus tour and tapas dinner and call that an incentive proposal, today we are all being asked to step up to the plate and ask the necessary questions in order to deliver a seamless, unique event.

Contrary to what we hear in the media, last year we noticed an upturn in Spanish companies seeking to organise incentive events for staff or clients, this is an encouraging sign as it fits in with our strategy to expand into the local market this year. We also aim to organise more international events, and are poised to offer Budapest and Marrakesh as attractive destinations for incentive events.

The last 10 years certainly have been eventful (no pun intended). We would like to thank everyone who has put their faith and trust in us we look forward to working with you for another 10 years!!!

Yours Faithfully

Tony Anagor 

Managing Director Lifestyle Experiences Group

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