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Horse Riding in Barcelona – Incentive Trips with a Difference

Last week we were invited to visit our horse riding partners to inspect the facilities and try the experience first-hand. Our idea was to investigate how we can combine nature and horse riding to create a fun, unique teambuilding event.

At LifestyleDMC we pride ourselves on our excellent relationships with over 250 partners worldwide. These trips form a great part of our work and ensure that we continuously bring you the best that each location has to offer.

The experience began with a pick up in Barcelona, and then a short 30 minute drive out of town to a picturesque forest ranch. On arriving we enjoyed a tour of the ranch and were introduced to the horses. Like humans, each horse has a different personality: some are gentle and docile, others a little playful, while others still are a little stubborn. It was funny how we all ended up with horses that perfectly reflected our personalities!

The first 30 minutes were spent bonding with the horses, grooming them, petting them and generally getting comfortable. Once we were all confident, we then took the horses to the paddock to learn how to ride these beauties.

Out of our group of 6 only 2 had ever ridden a horse before so we were really out of our comfort zones, but there was nothing to worry about. Our expert guide was keeping a close eye on everything and the horses responded to us very well – obviously they had had excellent training.

We were then led out of the ranch into open countryside. The feeling was amazing: the sounds of the horses clopping on the ground, the fresh country air, the amazing views from high up and the good company of our colleagues. These elements make it a great way to spend a day on a trip to Barcelona.

After the 2 hour trek which flew by, we headed back to the farm where we showered and groomed the horses. By this time we were on first name terms and could almost hear each others thoughts!

This Horse Riding experience is a perfect way for groups of up to 20 to get out of the city for a teambuilding or team bonding event. We also thoroughly recommend it for companies that want be in the open countryside to foster creativity and innovative thinking in a motivating environment.

For more information on how we can create a unique event for you and your team, contact us on +34 93 270 2048 or

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