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How does this year look to you so far?

Looks like things are picking up?

This year has started at a fiendish pace with our number of requests up 27% on the same period last year.  We are also up 14% on the number of events done by the same period as last year. This is great news for us after the great efforts that we have been making to keep our city competitive and attractive as a destination to tourists and the MICE industry as a whole.

Last week we met with one of the major convention centers in Barcelona who were happy to inform us that they also were up on last year and in fact they were almost fully booked for 2012!

Hotels are confidently letting us know that they are  enjoying what seems to be a buoyant bounce back after some quite challenging months.

We have noticed a huge spike in requests from countries such as Poland, Croatia, and USA.  The MWC seems to be as fit and healthy as ever, so all round things look bright right?

Let´s Take a closer look

“I dont think the we are out of the woods yet”  Says Tony Anagor Director LifestyleDMC. ” Far from it in fact, but to be successful in the events industry  a brimming cup of optimism and boundless energy is a prerequisite.  I don’t think for a minute that the heady days of pre 2009 are on their way back but it is clear that the one commodity that will bear most fruit in the new market conditions is TRUST”

We had the pleasure of working with John Hooker Managing Director of JHCP who´s 30 years industry experience has enabled us to further define how we work to gain and maintain our clients trust when it comes to responding to important RFI´s and other specific enquiries.

We at Lifestyle want to continue to offer you the very best that the city has to offer and we want to do it in style, here are some of the ways we have improved this year.

1. New proposal layout

We have created a new layout of our proposals to make it easier for you to read and understand. Each proposal is carefully put together and fully bespoke. Every proposal begins with a personal note from your project manager to ensure that we have understood your brief.

2. Contact within 24 working hours

We realize how important it is to have a fast turnaround period so we will contact you within 24 working hoursto discuss the details of your proposal

Clearer Briefing Strategy

To avoid sending you information that is not relevant to your request or that is superfluous to your requirements, our staff know how to engage in order to create clear briefs. This involves asking some obvious and not so obvious questions to elicit the essence of your request. ( you would be amazed to know how many requests we receive that are vague, difficult to interpret). We have found that this process of engagement reduces considerably the amount of resources that get wasted between parties that don’t have a clear direction..

4. New Website

This week we launched our new DMC site easy to navigate and now we are working on a client log-in area where you can view all of your past and current proposals with us. You can also gain access to some special offers, new products and other detailed information.

5.Workshops and coaching

We have noticed that over the last few years there has been an increase in the need for interactive workshops and coaching that combines the objectives of the trip with some offsite activities and blends into the charm of Barcelona. We have developed and facilitated several bespoke programs over the last 18 months for companies with a clear focus on ROI.

For more information on this or any of our other products please call + 34 93 270 2048

Or Email

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