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How much Is Incentive Travel a meaningful part of Employee Engagement?

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Employee engagement is the measurable greatest outcome to any performance improvement programme. Research shows that engaged employees deliver better service and therefore tend to work in companies that are more profitable. Businesses are using a range of techniques to improve employee engagement such as the use of a single portal across the company that provides a one-stop-shop for all engagement that employee have with their company whilst at work. This also includes features such as Enterprise Social Networks and social portals with features such as ‘posts’, ‘comments’, ‘likes’ and ‘shares’, and employee life cycle management.

Fun Regatta (2)

Incentive travel & Leisure rewards

It has been a long tradition to make awards of travel and leisure products such as night stays or gift cards, which do carry some merit. However incentive travel has been a major part of reward programmes for a long time and is growing at an exponential rate, as people become better travelled and with the advent of low cost airlines. Providers such as LifestyleDMC have to work harder to deliver, with companies trying to deliver those ‘money can’t buy’ experiences.

Here is just a selection of a few from over 300 possible solutions we can deliver to make your employee engagement difference:

Formula Drive Barcelona, FC Barcelona VIP Experience, Fun Regatta Barcelona, Classic Sailboat Party, Beach Games

Formula Drive Day November 2012 (118) - copia

Here is a short dialogue between one of our team and the CEO of a large international, quoted from a recent event held in Barcelona.

CEO Client: ‘Every one of my team have already asked if this can become a regular annual event for our company. I can see many of us will be talking about this for some time to come. Thank you.’

LDMC Employee: ‘It is our pleasure. This is exactly the response we like to hear, so thank you.’

CEO Client: ‘In fact one of my senior managers was about to leave us and I have heard that he is now staying which is a direct saving of around €500,000 to find a replacement.’

Mini Olympics (263)

This kind of return breeds a desire to want to stay amongst those social counterparts who lived the same experience and promotes a greater sense of belonging to and understanding of the working culture, which we believe to be the key measure of success for any incentive travel programme.

We look forward to hearing from you with your ideas for the future and we will do all we can achieve your goals with you.

Andrew Frankland – LifestyleDMC

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