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Incentive Ideas in Barcelona for 400 People

Recently ‘Lifestyle DMC’ hosted 400 guests from a consulting company based in Germany into Barcelona for an unforgettable weekend around the city. They arrived in couples over a two day duration with over 12 coaches awaiting upon arrival to pick our guests up from the airport into the W-Hotel, located along the famed boardwalk la Barcelonetta were they spent their weekend. The setting and the photos tell it all…

Among the numerous activities and services we offer, this event was tailor-made to fit our clients desires. Four activities were chosen by our visitors prior to their arrival which included: A Catamaran tour along the magnificent Catalan coast passing through the scenic shoreline of Barcelona. Our clients enjoyed a 3 hour tour taking in the view of the city from the sea. They were given towels and sun screen where they spent their time tanning and relaxing under the heat of the Spanish sun.

Along the other options included was Barcelona’s best city highlight tour, for those who wanted to see the city from a different view – a trip around Barcelona’s major sights on a bus circling the city center and passing through the city’s monuments with a visit into Casa Batló. We enjoyed the most symbolic areas of the city from the remarkable Agbar tower to the city’s bright summer blue beaches.

Another activity our guests relished was a 4-hour scooter ride around some of Guadi’s splendid art work scattered around the city, something which is virtually impossible in only 4 hours with any other mode of transportation. There was around 70 of us on scooters driving around the city stopping at several main points with a tour guide briefing us on each piece of art we came across. With a short-time visit we managed to access every corner of the city!

The last activity option was a tour around Barcelona’s most fascinating Gothic neighborhood (Barri Gotico) known as the center of the old city of Barcelona. Much of this area was built during the medieval times some even date as far back as the Roman settlement of Barcelona. Our guests enjoyed a walk around the historic ancient buildings placed in labyrinth street plans, ‘tapas-hopping’ from one place to the next trying all the different types of delicious tapas.

A stunning gala dinner…

The trip was followed by a closing gala dinner which took place in the Maritime Museum – a short walk from the foot of the famous Las Ramblas, somewhere anyone visiting Barcelona should go to. Located in the building of a very old ship yard dating back to the 13th century this place takes you back in time and most importantly the Spanish discovery of the new world. It’s during that time the Spanish Empire started to expand its influence, culture and language which had lasted until today. Together with our clients we wined and dined inside the museum after having a breath-taking informative tour of the place.

The gala dinner was the grand finale of a 3-day incentive to Barcelona organized by Lifestyle DMC.

It’s undeniable that incentive trips can improve performance! With the help of our skilled staff and travel specialists we are glad to have spent such a memorable weekend with our 400 guests. Barcelona is for sure a very desired place for DMC events and group meetings. A fair climate all year round, tremendous amount of sightseeing to catch up, the sea, countryside, and the mountains all in one setting Barcelona indeed has it all!

For more information and to hear about our unique ideas for your next inventive trip to Barcelona contact us on

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