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James Bond Flash Mob Event Barcelona

Last week saw the culmination of weeks of intricate preparation for one of our most original corporate events, The James Bond Flash Mob Experience. Set on the private grounds of a 12th century Catalan Country house, we created a “scene” from a James Bond movie complete with sound and lighting technicians, camera crew, makeup artists, security and of course the creative and slightly eccentric “TJ” the director of the movie.

For props, no expense was spare we hired in a Ferrari 430 Modena, a 1952 Jaguar and a white 1950´s Rolls Royce. The only thing that was missing to make the whole thing click into place was Barcelona´s very own James Bond. We are very lucky to have a Daniel Craig lookalike living in Barcelona and he does look the part. Our lookalike has acted as a decoy, a double, advertised Bond related products (eg Lotus, Aston Martin) and is in popular demand so we were delighted that he agreed to take part in this original Barcelona corporate event.

The idea was that on arrival our clients would be refused entry due to the private filming of a Bond Movie. The guide and the group leader (who were in on the game) would argue that they have a genuine booking and have a group of 70 people waiting to gain entry. At this point some members of the group begin to suspect but when the irate director comes over with security asking the area to be cleared for the entrance of the Ferrari and James Bond, suddenly it begins to look real.

Then follows a series of careful negotiations to allow the team onto the set but to remain in complete silence as our very own James acts out a scene involving two bad guys and a leading lady.   After several “takes” and an increasingly irate director the scene is finally ready to roll; Lights, camera,  action!!

We cannot tell you too many details of the event because then it would not be a secret but there were some hidden surprises which made everyone feel welcome and special.

Check our facebook page to see the photos of the event.

If you want to surprise your team with a James Bond Flash Mob Experience contact us and we will work with you to create a truly unique event.

Client testimonial:

“the event Saturday night was a success..  the feedback I am getting is very, very good

I want to thank you for an outstanding collaboration regarding the event. It was kind of special”

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