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January – the new month for Corporate Events in Barcelona

It has been a quietly kept secret, but more and more companies are latching onto the fact that January is a perfect month for a corporate team incentive or sales conference in Barcelona. It used to be the quietest month of the year for us, but the last 3 years we have seen a definite spike in requests and confirmations for the first month of the calendar year.

One of our recently clients who organised their event this year in January said, “ It makes perfect sense for us to organise our sales conference in January because it kicks the year off with a bang and gives the opportunity to review and share the vision for the coming year, and it is cheaper to do it in Barcelona than in UK We decided to speak to more of our clients to explore and find out why they consider January as the new month for corporate events and conferences in Barcelona.

  1. Hotel Prices: The first and most obvious is the cost of the hotels. January is typically considered “temporada baja”, low season for many 4- and 5-star hotels in the city and this forces hotels to lower their prices to attract more business. We have seen an as much as 100 euros in room night rates depending on the location and hotel.

  2. Flight Prices: After the festive season, airlines consider that fewer people will be travelling and hence the simple rule of supply and demand would dictate that the prices would reflect this. We have seen prices from London Stansted to Barcelona as low as 26€ per person compared to 200€ and beyond in the high season.

  3. Local prices: Many restaurants and local establishments put their prices up at the beginning of the year, but by booking your January event the previous year companies can inoculate themselves against any spurious price hikes.

  4. Seasonality: Typically, the tourist months of July and August are to be avoided for corporate travel. The big months for conferences and corporate events tend to be April-May and September-November. If you want to get the pick of the crop on venues and restaurants for your Gala Dinners and Activities, then January affords this luxury.

  5. Climate: One of the biggest factors to consider when it comes to organising corporate events, incentive, or a teambuilding trip is the weather. No-one wants to spend 3 days locked away in the hotel because the weather was too bad to do anything outdoors. Barcelona typically has amiable weather conditions and in January we can see highs of 13/15 and lows of 8/9 this range allows us to organise plenty of outdoor experiences without much concern for inclement weather.

  6. Timing: What better way to kick off a year than a January sales conference or corporate event in Barcelona. Many people are happy to enjoy Christmas with their families and the prospect of a Barcelona Incentive event to look forward to is a motivating factor for any employee.

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