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Leadership through Cooking in Barcelona

This corporate cooking  activity is designed to give you and your group a full learning experience. We take one of the most pleasurable demonstrations of Spainish culture and provide you with the opportunity to learn and have fun at the same time. In Spain cooking is seen as a social activity as is evidenced by the huge family get togethers and the seemingly effortless coordination it takes in the kitchen to cater for so many people. It requires teamwork, communication, understanding and discipline.

In this experience you will get a chance to see what it feels like to prepare a tasty meal with the help of some willing team members.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Teamwork

  2. Leadership

  3. Initiative

  4. Delegation

  5. Time Management

  6. Communication

Price: 145 Euros per person

To receive more information on this activity or similar activities, please contact us at

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