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Lifestyle DMC Report on Hotels with Terraces and Wi-Fi

To provide clients the best possible service and differentiate hotels a bit more, Lifestyle DMC is working on a study on hotels with terraces and Wi-Fi. By doing this, it will be easier for clients to choose a hotel, since they all look very much alike. To make the reports even better, we, the marketing department of Lifestyle, decided to visit some hotels to check out the terrace and try the Wi-Fi ourselves. Last Wednesday we spent the day in the new business area of Diagonal Mar to visit 9 four star hotels.

It was a pleasure to see Barcelona from the terraces as opposed to the conventional way of walking on the street.

The views were amazing and being a typically sunny spring like day it was not too cold. You could say, perfect day to go out and check the terraces! There were even people swimming in a pool of one hotel…!

Look out for our upcoming report on Hotels in Barcelona with Terraces and WIFI

To register for a copy you can email us at

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