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LifestyleDMC 10 Principals Of Our Business

Everything we do is based on 10 key beliefs that we have created over the last 10 years of experience providing incentive travel and teambuilding programs to companies visiting  Barcelona

  1. Spain has built a name as a great “event destination” for companies worldwide, but the best is yet to come.

  2. With the advent of low cost travel over the last 5-7 years, Incentive trips and business development ‘get togethers’ abroad can often be more cost effective and logistically smoother to organise than local events and incentive trips.

  3. The well-known adage that a company or a business is only as good as its people means that people need to be fully engaged both inside and outside work in order to give their best. A well structured incentive trip can provide the right balance for this type of engagement.

  4. The conventional standard of work being done in an office has come a long way since the early 80’s. Today, important, creative plans and decisions can be made at a conference, wine tasting event, a gala dinner, or even a parachute jump.

  5. Soft skill personal and career development workshops focused on areas such as “interpersonal skills” “communication skills” and “presentation skills” are becoming more prominent in incentive events as companies now realise that technical and product knowledge can only take business so far, but an investment in soft skills can harness/maximise the creative potential of the employees.

  6. Connecting and engaging with the hearts of employees by offering them well thought out incentive packages and platforms for focus on tapping into their own creativity, the results will be significant and long lasting.

  7. The cost of putting a real smile on the face of one employee is repaid many times over with the profit-drawing smile it reflects to the face of 10 customers.

  8. In today’s market where staff are being laid off and salaries are being frozen and companies are more cash-bonus shy, it is a powerful motivator to offer staff a well structured incentive event which can deliver a significant ROI.

  9. A well developed incentive trip has to give the employee an experience that they would normally never do for themselves, in a way that they would never do themselves.

  10. When choosing which event  agency to work with as rule of thumb try and determine how motivated the staff are in helping you deal with your request. Will they go the extra mile with a smile or will they give you just the service you pay for and nothing more? An incentive company by definition should have fully motivated staff.

It is essential for a DMC agency to have a real perspective and understanding of its customer. LifestyleDMC is therefore not afraid to ask the right questions in order to determine the desired outcomes of all attending the trip or event.

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