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LifestyleDMC appointed to organise the annual Regatta for Major Spanish Company

On the 8th of June we will be organising an annual Regatta event for one of Spanish’s largest software companies. The event will involve flying the guests in from 7 different companies, welcoming them at the airport before bringing them to a five star hotel in the centre of Barcelona. The program involves a series of intense meetings followed by VIP lunches and dinners and some of the most exclusive restaurants in Barcelona.

The climax of the program will be the 2012 Regatta which we have organised meticulously to ensure maximum participation and fun for all of the guests. After the exertion of the day, we have organised some relaxing offsite activities all of which are classic and unique expressions of Barcelona city.

This event has been fun to organise and was especially interesting due to the proximity of our clients. We specialise in offering venues, activities and ideas that are non touristic, genuine experiences which appeal to local companies as well as visitors.

If you would like to hear more about how we can create a unique event in Barcelona contact us on

These programs are always fun as it gives us the chance to show our creativity and flexibility, something with which we have become know for over the last 10 years.

We have every confidence that the event will be a huge success and thank them for putting their faith in LifestyleDMC.


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