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LifestyleDMC Collaborates to Develop Leadership Training Programs

LifestyleDMC has teamed up with top international coach Daniel Pascual to offer a singular and advanced full-service in incentive and teambuilding events in Barcelona.

One of the biggest challenges companies face today is developing and maintaining top performance in a changing environment with limited resources. This may sound like a cliché taken straight out of a management book from the eighties, that’s because it is.

LifestyleDMC FAM Trip

Real Leadership Works

The real challenge is working with all stakeholders, understanding their day to day challenges and giving them the tools they need to work with the people in their teams to create an environment of sustainable peak performance.

“We want to offer our clients more than just a really cool, unique event”

Daniel has been a high-performance coach for over 17 years and is a certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centred Coach. He has achieved major long lasting success with companies such as Banco Santander, McKinsey & Company, L´Óreal, Reebok, Airbus, Unilever, etc.

Marshall Goldsmith Coaching has been confirmed worldwide over the years as the nº 1 method that guarantees measurable and visible growth results in leaders and whole organisations through proven processes. LifestyleDMC has spent the last 15 years helping some of the top international companies organise teambuilding and incentive events. There has been a clear shift towards the making sure that the content of the event is relevant and has long lasting effects on the team.

“We want to offer our clients more than just a really cool, unique event” says Tony Anagor CEO LifestyleDMC, “We want to see increases in team spirit, bottom line profitability, product quality, and service levels and we want our teambuilding events to be the catalysts for these type of changes”

This partnership ensures that we will bridge the gap between a great event that lasts in the memories of the team for a few days and maybe even weeks, to an event that represents the starting point of a continuous process that leads a measurable shift in the performance of the teams.

Daniel Pascual - leadership training Barcelona

LifestyleDMC collaborates with Daniel Pascual to creat high performers in teams

“The end results are sustainable changes in habits and skills”

I am very excited to be working with Tony and his company says Daniel, “Being aware of the huge impact that LifestyleDMC events achieve with so many clients it was a logical move to connect it with the most powerful executive coaching process in the world. Marshall Goldsmith process implements systematically and precisely all defined initiatives from the event into the daily routine of leaders and organizations. The end results are sustainable changes in habits and skills that have real impact on the P&L.”

Over the next few months we will be conducting a study of our corporate clients to see how we can use this partnership to add more value to our offering.

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