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LifestyleDMC Collaborates with one of Europe´s top Business Schools for the 2nd Year

Tony Anagor (Managing Director LifestyleDMC) was commissioned to collaborate as one of the communication experts on the course. In a series of  50 sessions  each lasting 75 minutes each Tony worked along with fellow experts, Conor Neil (Professor Communication Skills IESE) Florian Mueck (International Public Speaker and author of The 7 minute Star) and Tobias Rodriguez (Expert in Conflict Management).

The sessions were designed to create a platform for structure and confident communication for the next leaders and captains of industry in Spain. The 140 students who  were all managers and in leading roles in their own companies had sponsored themselves on the two year executive MBA course in order to learn the advanced matrix used in every day communication today.

LifestyleDMC is committed to working with leaders and managers all over the world in creating real change and measurable returns for incentive, teambuilding and team bonding events. Over the last year we have worked with companies such as NIKE,  LOGITECH, GOOGLE and our specialitiy is asking the right questions to understand what you require from your corporate event so that we can deliver… with style!

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