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LifestyleDMC Collaborates with Spain’s No. 1 Online Fashion Retailer for Charity Event

July the 8th saw the culmination of 6 months of hard work as LifestyleDMC collaborated with Spain’s number 1 online fashion retailer Privalia to organise their 3rd annual “Mercado Solidario”, a charity event which has become a feature in the Privalia calendar. This is a full day of selling some of the top of the line fashion items at amazing prices with all of the proceeds going to charity. The chosen charity was UNICEF who were also present at the event to create awareness for the work they do to help children all over the world.

The event was held in the prestigious Maritime Museum of Barcelona and saw over 3000 people attend the full day market. The organisation of this event was very intricate and required a lot of planning and strategic thinking. LifestyleDMC used their expert knowledge and experience to organise equipment, catering, logistics and design of the event.

What made this event so special was not only that the proceeds went to charity but the whole of the Privalia team were involved in the delivery of the event. This meant that more that 300 staff organised in shifts were doing everything from laying out the merchandise on the display counters to working at the checkouts.

The day was a huge success and we were delighted to be involved in such an original event.

For some original ideas on your next corporate event in Barcelona contact our expert team on

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Charity Event - LifestyleDMC
Charity Event - LifestyleDMC
Charity Event - LifestyleDMC

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