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LifestyleDMC Surprises with a Barcelona Flash Mob

Barcelona Flash Mob Mariage Proposal (36)

We were contacted by a very relaxed guy in Switzerland who had made the decision to propose to his partner. He decided that he was going to pop the question whilst on their trip to Barcelona and honoured us with the opportunity to help build this special occasion and help create a magic moment. These are just the type of fun creative briefs we love.

Immediately there was a buzz around the office as the news spread that someone was going to propose with a Barcelona Flash Mob. After a frenetic  brainstorming session we came up with the idea to surprise her in Barcelona´s  famous Parc Ciudadella.

The idea was to have a team of twenty of our strategically placed “tourists”  loitering near the fountain waiting for the arrival of the couple. On arrival one of our team would ask some innocuous questions of the couple whilst focussing on the bride to be. At a given cue one of the tourist would break into a break-dance routine and disappear, they would be followed by another tourist will a radio blasting some music. At this point the suspicious bride to be decided that it was time to leave the park to these weirdos and after making know she was not amused began to head towards the exit. Then as if by magic she and her partner were surrounded by mysterious dancers who carried out a carefully choreographed routine which end in our dashing groom getting down on one knee to pop the question.

The blushing fiancée accepted and seemed overwhelmed as it suddenly dawned on her that the whole performance have been staged for this moment.

Barcelona Flash Mob Mariage Proposal (2)

If you would like to surprise your partner, your boss or colleagues with a Barcelona Flash Mob, contact us on

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