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Mini Olympics full incentive day for up to 350 pax

Last week, we hosted an event for 50 people in the purpose built Olympic Outdoor water stadium. With a capacity for 350 pax all enjoying activities at the same time, it is an ideal backdrop for a teambuilding event and see your team in a different light. For teams who want to combine competition, fun, teambuilding and the opportunity to relax with your colleagues then this is a great activity. The group was pick up from Barcelona city by one of our luxurious air conditioned 55 seater coaches. The centre is located just 25 minutes outside the city. On arrival everyone had some snacks and refreshments to build up the energy. They were then split into teams and each team began a series of fun but demand activities to test strength, endurance, team spirit but also communications skills. The team that won was not the fastest or strongest, it was the one that had the  best strategy.

You can choose from:

  1. pedal cars

  2. volley ball

  3. football

  4. raft building

  5. canoeing

  6. water skiing

  7. archery

  8. bridge building

  9. water polo

Full catering and changing facilities are available making this day the ultimate in team building for group from 10 up to 350pax.

For more information on how we can help you with your next incentive or team building trip to Barcelona call us on +34 93270 2048 or email

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