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Networking for a better future

As the newest member of Spain DMC´s we were recently invited to the annual conference in Tenerife.SpainDMCs is an official non-profit-making association of the most prestigious Spanish travel agencies specialising in the organisation of meetings, incentive/motivation programmes and special events throughout the whole of Spain. Our co-founder and director Raquel Consul was in attendance and met many new and familiar faces in a fun relaxed atmosphere.

  1. Many interesting topics were discussed including:

  2. New tax laws for our industry

  3. Collaborating to attract larger conferences

  4. Differentiating between mass tourism and corporate travel

  5. Exploring options outside of our immediate regions

  6. Threats to the industry

  7. Disruptions to the marketplace

  8. Trends Vs Fads

  9. Attracting talent

We firmly believe that healthy collaborations are the perfect way to surf the waves of change in the industry and it allows us to competitively offer the best to our clients at all times.

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