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New Teambuilding Workshop in Barcelona

Last week in conjunction with ESPAI BOISA we launched our new communication skills teambuilding workshop aimed at companies who want an activity which offers a real measurable return on investment.

This unique activity has been designed to take all of the elements of communication and demonstrate their importance through an experience in the kitchen. We look at the specific modules of communication:

  1. Message assimilation

  2. Message formulation

  3. Modes of communication

  4. Active listening

  5. Internal dialogue

  6. Individual communication styles

  7. Team communication

All of these elements are explored in a fully immersed experience where the learning is in the experience not in the theory.

Each individual is given different roles and tasks throughout the workshop with various setbacks such as not being able to use one´s hands or being blind-folded or having to negotiate to give up an ingredient they want in order to get one they need. The end result will be a Spanish culinary creation directly related to the quality of the communication within the team.

By the end of the workshop your team will understand the importance of clarity when communicating; they will also understand how to make sure they are listened to by listening to others. The session will be led by a professional international business coach and takes place in an exclusive show kitchen in the centre of Barcelona.

For more information about this and other innovative incentive ideas contact us at

“A fun activity and a new concept I learnt a lot more that I expected…and I had fun.”

Stephen Mitchell

Director Full Circle Films

“This is a great teambuilding activity; I really enjoyed it and will definitely recommend it.”

Damian Harris

CEO Go-Cars

“This new product has great potential I can see the need for this in the corporate arena”

Smeralda Uggucioni

International Business Coach and professor ESADE Business school

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